Rainer Radow's Projects

Pardon - I have not translated that much content to English for now - please enjoy the pictures and videos!

MAKER fun in many areas

Over the last few years, I have realized a lot of projects in the field of hardware and software. Hardware here is equally suitable for casting bronze, milling cast iron or fitting SMD components with the self-developed Pick & Place machine. The topic of software covers a similarly broad spectrum for me. From sewing my own kites to brewing beer as well as database, PHP and C programming or 3D-CAD design I am using various techniques for my projects.

In 1994 , I created a notebook with a collection of links in this new Internet with my "Steamboat Page" - Google has existed only since 1998 ... I quickly learned that you can meet like-minded people and support each other in their projects. Based on this, I have later created larger documentation for my own documentation in the network, which I am now gradually bundling in one place.

Rainer @ Radow . org

Hannover, den 29.10.2018

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