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Tram build by Hannoversche Waggonfabrik AG (HAWA)

The Hannoversche Waggonfabrik AG (HAWA)

"Hannoversche Waggonfabrik AG (HAWA) was a German aircraft manufacturer of the World War I era. It was also known as a railway rolling stock constructor ... it was operated from 1898 till 1933 ..." (Wikipedia).
On this page I collect information on all trams built by HAWA. In addition to a linked collection of sources, I am creating a list of all known HAWA trams and their whereabouts.

Bw = Beiwagen = trailer
Tw = Triebwagen = railcar
ATw = Arbeitstriebwagen = working railcar

Amsterdam (1435 mm)

HAWA delivered at least the sidecar 842 to Amsterdam, the company photo of which is available. I`m missing more information at the moment.

Bielefeld, Germany (1000 mm)

Bingen, Germany (1435 mm)

In 1941, Bingen received two HAWA Tw from Giessen.

Berlin, Germany (1435 mm)

Bw B21 as 1285 to 1422 (137 pieces) from 1915-1921
Tw T24 as 5929 to 6000 (71 pieces) from 1926-1928
Bw B24 as 226 to 325 (99 pieces) from 1924
Tw TM33 as 3351 = 1932 converted from type 1927 (3481)
Tw TM36 as 3453 - 3489 (36 pieces) = 1937 converted from type 1927

Lists of these cars can be found at www.berlin-straba.de

Den Haag, Netherlands (1435 mm)

No car lists yet. At least the Tw 265 museum car still exists today. Photos of the Tw 265 can be found here:
tramreport, interessante-bilder, newpaintscheme, HTM 150 jaar

Dessau (1435 mm), Germany

Dessau received seven used HAWA trolleys from Giessen, Germany before 1945 and two from Berlin after 1945.
Two of the Giessen TW were converted into trailers in 1947. The Tw 5599 from Berlin was converted to the ATw 23 or G9 in 1955 and was not retired until 1972. You can find some photos on the car list of Dessau local transport.

Flensburg (1000 mm), Germany

In the course of the network expansion, the Flensburg tramway also ordered vehicles from Hanover. HAWA delivered Tw 24-26 for "Line 4" in 1925. These 4-axle bogie railcars had a 13.1 m long car body, while the associated Bw 48 and 49 were only 9.4 m long and had 2 axles.

In addition, the meter-gauge Flensburg tramway received 10 two-axle trams in 1925/26, with Tw 27-32 having a 9.4 m long car body and Tw 33-36 having a 10 m long car body.
Tw 36 was completely renovated in Gera, Germany in 2012. The sister Tw 33 from the HSM in Hanover was also taken to Gera for this. The Tw 36 is currently running (2022) in the Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum, Denmark. Tw 33 is said to have remained unprocessed in Gera.

HAWA Tram in Flensburg

Frankfurt am Main (1435 mm), Germany

In 1925/1926 HAWA delivered 10 type F railcars together with AEG. They were given no. 401 - 410. Some cars drove in Frankfurt until 1972. Tw 407 can still be admired today in the Frankfurt (Main) Transport Museum.

Freiburg (1000 mm), Germany

The first electric cars for the Freiburg trams were delivered by HAWA together with AEG in 1901. They ran under the company numbers 1 - 27. They had 2 axles, were 8 m long and 2 m wide.
In addition, HAWA supplied a 2-axle sidecar, which initially ran as the Bw 28, from 1907 as the Bw 31 and from 1951 to 1954 as the Bw 101.
The open HAWA summer sidecars Bw 29-31 were also renamed twice, namely Bw 35-37 and Bw 102-104.
In 1953/54, 7 of the Tw´s delivered in 1901 received "a second life" as Bw 105-111.
Source: Freiburger Straßenbahn, EK-Verlag, 2006
TW 2 remained in 1961 as a historic railcar. Here is a Photo of TW 2 from 1983.

Giessen (1435 mm), Germany

Giessen also received its initial equipment of vehicles from Hanover. The 7.85 m long and 2.15 m wide Tw 1 to 12 were put into operation on 20.11.1909. In 1910 Tw 13 - 16 followed. In May 1913 the Bw 51 - 55 went into operation. They had a length of 8.60 m. A large part of the Giessen HAWA vehicles were passed on to other companies in the 1940s. In 1941 these were 7 Tw to Dessau and 2 Tw to Bingen. Four Bw were delivered to Hanau in 1939 and 2 Tw in 1944. Bw 52 and 56 even made it to Katowice in 1941.
Source: Stadtverkehr in Gießen, Kenning 2009

Nr. Datum Ereignis Quelle
1 1909-00-00 Inbetriebnahme 1
2 1909-00-00 Inbetriebnahme 1

Hanover, Germany (1435 mm)

Nr. Datum Ereignis Quelle
171 0000-00-00 unbekannt 1
174 1974-00-00 unbekannt 18
204 0000-00-00 Im Depot 1
204 0000-00-00 Im Depot 1
220 0000-00-00 Im Depot 1

Herford, Germany (1000 mm)

In 1930, four two-axle railcars were delivered by HAWA to electrify the Herford narrow-gauge railway. They were given the numbers HK 1 to HK 4. As in this image, they were very similar to the steel wagons previously built for Hanover. HAWA supplied four sidecars with the numbers HK21 to HK24 for the four railcars.

Hof, Germany (1000 mm)

At its opening on 05.08.1901, the Hof tramway received seven two-axle railcars with an open platform from the Hannoversche Waggonfabrik (HAWA). Siemens and Halske supplied the electrical 500 volt equipment and two 10.5 kW motors each.
Source: wikipedia

Mühlhausen, Germany (1000 mm)

The Mühlhausen tram saved the TW 12 from Nordhausen, which had been manufactured by HAWA in 1900, from being scrapped. It ran in passenger service there from 1934 to 1950, was converted into an ATw in 1950 and finally scrapped in 1959.

Munich, Germany (1435 mm)

Two HAWA vehicles survived in Munich. Tw 524 from 1929 is in the traffic center. The wooden body of the Bw 1351, built in 1929, was placed in the MVG Museum in 2007. I`m still looking for more information.

Nordhausen, Germany (1000 mm)

The Nordhausen tramway ordered its first 13 Tw from HAWA in 1900. The open platforms of this Tw were glazed in 1928. Before all these TWs were scrapped in 1934, only Tw 12 was spared. It was sold to Mühlhausen, where it was converted into an ATw in 1950 and finaly scrapped in 1959.

Oslo, Norway (1435 mm)

16 Class H two-axle Tw for Kristiania Sporveisselskab from HAWA and Siemens-Schukert in the 1920s.
Source: wikipedia

Potsdam, Germany (1435 mm)

After World War II, Potsdam received 6 TF 20/29 railcars from BVG stocks. They were built in 1921 and were decommissioned in the years 1959 to 1961.
Source: strassenbahn-potsdam.de

Rostock, Germany (1435 mm)

The Rostock tram took over two four-axle HAWA Tw from 1925 from Flensburg, which had been running in Warnemünde from 1946 to 1949. They were scrapped in Rostock in 1956

Surabaya, Indonesia (1067 mm)

Trondheim, Norway (1000 mm)

In 1924, HAWA delivered four Tws to the Trikken i Trondheim (Trondheim tram). I`m still looking for more information here.

Wehmingen (1435 mm), Germany

The HAWA steel car 181 (1928) together with the HAWA Bw 1023 and Bw 1033 is regularly used in the visitor traffic of the Wehmingen Tramway Museum in Hanover. Tw 5964 from 1924 from Berlin is also usually in service there. The ex ÜSTRA Atw 801 and 802 help to keep the museum running. Three more ex ÜSTRA HAWA vehicles are rotting away quietly and waiting for what may come - maybe your donation?.
Source: Vehicle list Hanover Tram Museum

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