Rainer Radow's Projects

Pardon - I have not translated that much content to English for now - please enjoy the pictures and videos!

Dodecahedron Shadow Hanging Lamp

This is a 1.45 x bigger lamp remix from michael3s original. I have made it from 3 mm MDF. For one lamp you need 11 ordinary side pieces and 1 top piece with the big bore.

I used 6x pre cut 3 mm MDF boards in the size of 200 x 400 mm. Cut as many connection pieces as you need and skip cutting it on the rest of the board layouts.

Assemble 11 pieces including the big bore piece. Use a hot glue gun inside the lamp for reinforcement. After everything is hardened assemble the 12th part without glue for bulb replacement.


Dxf-Datei 1 face-x-1.45.dxf

Dxf-DAtei2 face-u-deckelx-1.45.dxf

  RDWorks-Laser file 1

RDWorks-Laser file 12017-03-11-faces.rld

  RDWorks-Laser file 2

RDWorks-Laser file 22017-03-11-deckel.rld

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