Rainer Radow's Projects

Pardon - I have not translated that much content to English for now - please enjoy the pictures and videos!

Arduino LoRa PCB for the Internet of Things

More information about my IoT project can be found here LongRa.

In a long-term test, several sensors have been writing measurement data into a database every 5 minutes since January 2020. With 2 cheap AA batteries, each sensor node has sent over 100,000 data packets for 1 year at an ambient temperature of approx. 4 ° C. On this page you can follow the data of some test sensors live.

This page I use sporadically for range tests.

List of the last 20 test results of the actual day.

Pinbelegung der LoRa-7.5 Platine

Pinbelegung der LoRa-7.5 Platine

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